為什麼選擇 XPEL ?
在 XPEL,我們不僅是一個企業,同時也是愛好者。憑藉著我們所做的一切,我們將品質和聲譽放在第⼀位,⼀直以來來始終如此。XPEL 對於全球經銷商的工法及服務品質,嚴格把關並且定期認證培訓,專業技術由美國總部授權鑑定...
全球最大的 BMW 車主俱樂部 (非營利組織)
全球最大的 BMW 車主俱樂部 (非營利組織) —— 北美 BMW CCA 榮譽宣布:XPEL 為 BMW CCA 2019 年唯一的官方窗膜和漆面保護膜合作夥伴。BMW CCA 具有50年曆史,目前在北美擁有超過 7 萬名活躍會員,XPEL 和 BMW CCA 的合作自2013年開始...
The New XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS Paint Protection Film is Now Available
Since the launch of XPEL ULTIMATE, the world's first self-healing paint protection film, we've worked to advance the industry further. It's taken some time, but trust us, it was all worth it. Today...
Tint Windows Faster than Ever with the new XPEL EZ-Tint Tool
In many industries, saving time means saving money. With film handling, efficiency is everything. For years many tinters have struggled with the dilemma of removing window gaskets or door...
ULTIMATE PLUS & PRIME XR PLUS Protected Porsche GT3 at Barrett-Jackson NE with Automobilia Auto Salon
Last month, Mohegan Sun kicked off hosting Barrett-Jackson Northeast. This year marked our third appearance with CT's very own Automobilia Auto Salon. Rest assured, we made our presence known in the new pavilion with none other than a Porsche 911 GT3. Porsche 911 GT3 with
Porsche Parade 2018 at Lake of the Ozarks
Last week marked the kick-off of Porsche Club of America's Porsche Parade 2018 at the Lake of the Ozarks. This was our 5th year attending the Parade and no doubt, it was another awesome event. As...
Carnucopia Uncovered: Inside a Tuner Theory State of Mind
VEHICLE SPECS & MODIFICATIONS 2017 BMW M2 Performance Edition Full Coverage XPEL STEALTH satin finish paint protection from SunStoppers XPEL PRIME XR PLUS window tint from SunStoppers XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS protected RKP Composite carbon fiber front lip & rear
Introducing XPEL PRIME XR PLUS Automotive Window Tint
The next generation of automotive window film has arrived. As one of the most trusted brands in automotive paint protection & window film, we are proud to announce the unveiling of the all new...

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