Plotter Support

Driver And Plotter Support

What Operating Systems Are Compatible With The DAP?

The DAP is compatible with Windows Operating systems XP, Windows 7, 8.1 and 10.
It is recommended to have Windows 7 or higher because Microsoft doesn’t provide support for XP.

Can The DAP Be Installed On A Mac Computer?

Yes, the DAP can be used on a MAC operating system that has Windows installed using VMWare – Virtual Machine or a Duel Boot software.

Why Isn’t The Plotter Showing In The Windows Printer And Devices List On The Mac Computer?

The plotter has to be recognized on the MAC operating system in order for it to be available in Windows.

What Plotters Are Compatible With The DAP?

The DAP is compatible with Graphtec, Jaguar and Roland plotters. Although not guaranteed we have successfully installed many other plotter brands that use HPGL or GPGL communication languages.

Can I Send Jobs To Different Plotters Using The DAP?

Yes, you can plot to multiple plotters in the DAP that is connected to the computer with different cables by selecting the plotter during the plotting process.

Driver Downloads

Graphtec Plotter Drivers

Drivers for the Graphtec Series: FC9000, FC8600, FC2250, FC4500, CE6000, LCX603, FC8000, FC7000, FC5100, FC5100A, FC4200, FC4210-60

Jaguar Plotter Drivers

Drivers for the Jaguar IV, Series 101, 132, 183 and Jaguar V

Summa Plotter Drivers

Drivers for the Summacut or S Class Series Cutter

Roland Plotter Drivers

Drivers for the CAMM-1 and CAMM-1 PRO Models: GS-24, GX-24, GX-640/500/400/300, CX-500/400/300


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